15 April 2016

Welcome to Pangea pt. 9 Official Compilation is now available!

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Pure Perception Records is very honored to present this premium hand-picked compilation, as a sampling of the gifted artists joining us this year for Welcome to Pangea pt. 9 – Crystallized Minds.

True to the heart of this festival, this collection brings together a full range of unique underground sounds sure to wet your ears for this special weekend to come. Everything from Minimal, Techno, Progressive, Progressive Psy, Psy Trance, and Neo Goa.

We start with the deeply atmospheric minimal sounds of Mesa, with his evocative track ‘Interstellar People Mover’. Klaws brings the techno flavor up a notch with psychedelic, dubbed-out ‘Drifting’. ‘Center of Ascension’ from red.tree & soulForm present chilled out melodious sequences that unravel into graceful drops and chunky,satisfying basslines. Zentrix transitions us into our psychedelic adventure with ‘Controlled Demolition’, a masterful presentation of his signature sound, tech-infused deep forest with fat rolling basslines and hard-hitting kicks. Up next, the legendary Gaspard launches us headlong into the mind-warping remix of ‘Spaced’, giving us a small taste of his immaculate and highly intricate neo-goa forest style. Labyr1nth honors us with two incredible tracks showcasing the range he has in store for Pangea Pt 9- ‘Geometree’ and ‘Source Energy (live)’ feature deeply moving elements both earthy and ethereal with entrancing basslines and sweeping, serene fluidity. A testament to the prowess and vision of Pulsewave, ‘Spacemain’ highlights the duo’s singularly-unique, clean, modern-progressive psy sound with animated, uplifting bass and spacey atmospheres. We’re pleased to also include a special bonus track, ‘Stereophils’’ from Primitive Tools; featuring an energetic, driving melody fusing with an uplifting psychedelic vibe, a perfect way to finish this beautiful compilation.

We hope you get to join us again this year for Welcome to Pangea Pt 9 to experience these artists and many more performing live on one beautifully intimate stage deep in the ancient and beautiful Appalachian Mountains.