10 March 2017

Primordial Ooze Performing at WTP10

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Pure Perception Records presenting Primordial Ooze at Welcome to Pangea 2017 edition.

Primordial Ooze through countless mutations eventually developed opposable thumbs for twisting knobs and smashing buttons. Inspired by filtering experiences into sound by shaping waveforms and encouraging them to bubble and adapt to their sonic environment Primordial Ooze puts you in the center of the cosmic symphony. This sound surrounds you with frequencies immersing you into vibrant, ritualistic compositions that resonate deep within your primeval memories. While dancing if you feel like growing gills, horns, and tails keep calm and keep on stomping as you’ve just awakened your fundamental self.

The Primordial Ooze experience brings live synth work and effects to the performance. The act is no stranger to balancing digital sonic craft with the power of analog sound. With the experience of DJing since the late 90’s and playing live since 2005 the sets skillfully guide dancers through a multitude of intensities and moods. Be it mysterious or joyous, menacing, or just outright nutty, it is always engaging. The debut album “Discomedusae”, multiple EP’s, and compilations tracks on labels like AntiShanti, Sangoma, D.A.R.K, and Psyde Effect are just the tip of the iceberg of a catalog filled with collaborations and original compositions.
Primordial Ooze is also an integral part of the Midwest United States art collective Chilluminati. Joining many friends over the past ten years the Chilluminati has shared their vision by organising music festivals in the lands of cheese, beer, and corn fields.


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