.::Welcome to Pangea 10::.

Date : 2 / Jun / 2017
Time : 5:00

.::Welcome to Pangea 10 – A New Paradise::.

Ferguson, NC

WTP10 Updated flyer front

WTP10 updated flyer

Pangea Productions and Pure Perception Records would like to invite you to join us deep in the Appalachian Mountains for the chance to hear a rare selection of underground sounds that will take you to New Paradise in your mind.

The music will feature a full range of sound, including Psy-Trance, Progressive, Techno, House, DnB, and Dub.
A beautiful environment combined with 48 hours of mind blowing music.

Over the years Pangea has become known as one of the finer intimate psychedelic and spiritual gatherings in the southeast. Each year we try to bring you the best in all forms of underground psychedelic music from all regions in this land and abroad, while keeping a focus on Consciousness and Enlightenment. This year will be no different as we explore new sounds from a wide range of artist and musicians, as well as create a space for learning and spreading knowledge openly.


Pre-sales now available:
February – $70 – Sold Out
March – June 1st– $80
Day of the event – $90

Please email all the names that will be arriving with you to this email:


  • NO Dogs!!! You will not be allowed in.
  • No secondary sound systems (including cars, boom boxes, or any other portable sound, zero sound allowed in the camping area).
  • Rain or Shine – We have a very large tent to cover the dance floor. Come prepared for any weather. Storms can pop up at anytime in June
  • .Bring all the supplies you need for 2 nights and 3 days, food, water, toiletries, proper clothing.
  • You can stay at the site for additional nights but there is a fee per night.
  • No Re-Entry at All. Bring everything you will need for the entire event.
  • No Narcotics! or Bad Vibes!
  • All alcohol must be in cups at all times. Although alcohol consumption is discouraged!!
  • There will be plenty of fresh juice, smoothies, tea, and coffee available.
  • Ice will be available for sale on-site.
  • In order to cut back on excess trash please bring washable/reusable plates, cups, and utensils.
  • Please help keep the paper and plastic to a minimum.
  • Help us maintain the sacred ground clean, respect the land! Leave No Trace. Clean up your area before you leave.
  • There is a creek by the venue, so come prepared to get wet if you so desire.
  • Camping is on a first come first serve basis.
  • Hot/Cold showers available for everyone on-site.
  • No Re-Entry at All.
  • NO Dogs. No matter how cute and well behaved you will not be allowed in.



Interested in vending, giving a lecture/workshop, or doing live art?
Please contact us.
email: welcome@pureperceptionrecords.org



  • Alexi Delano (London, UK) Plus8 / M-nus / ADltd / Truesoul / H-prd / Drumcode
  • Ninesense (Boston) Blacklite Records / Zero 1 Music / Kinematic Records
  • Kromagon / Zenon Records
  • Primordial Ooze / Antishanti Records / Sangoma Records / D.A.R.K Records
  • Random (San Francisco) Ovnimoon Records / Geomagnetic.tv / Digital Drugs Coalition / Goa Records
  • LABYR1NTH (Boulder, CO) Ovnimoon Records
  • The Deep Technicians (Atlanta, GA) Platform 7even / Slack Industries
  • Ajhenda (Atlanta, GA) Wiggle Factor / Tic Tac Toe Records
  • In Plain Sight (Asheville, NC) Hope Recordings
  • Nat Black (Charlotte, NC) Social Study / FYI
  • XB (Athens, GA) Incendia
  • Allan Ospina (Charlotte, NC) Aurora
  • AFRUZi (Wistom Salem) BoomShock / H-Bomb Syndicate
  • Blueplanetaryhand (Providence, RI) Hole Tribe
  • Shoom (Raleigh, NC) Suntrip Records
  • Krista (Asheville, NC) Vinyl Revisions
  • DeeMF (Asheville,NC) Full Moon Gatherings
  • Set (Asheville, NC) T.O.U.C.H Samadhi
  • Jenna Gilmore (Asheville, NC) Beenoise Records / Geishaz
  • Leo Vaan (Asheville, NC)
  • Krikett (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Psiryn ૐ (Asheville, NC) Juicy Noise Records
  • Tony Karma (Greenville, SC) Karma Grooves
  • Captain EZ (Asheville, NC) The Artist Kitchen / Unanimous / Asheville Full Moon Gathering
  • Romman (Greenville, SC) Rethink Techno
  • Baba Bubo (Asheville, NC) Visionary Shamanics Records / Forest Frequency / T.O.U.C.H Samadhi
  • Teban (Greenville, SC) Rethink Techno
  • Mydriasis (Asheville, NC)
  • CollectiveONE (Asheville, NC) T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi / Pangea Productions
  • Intrinsic (Asheville, NC) Touch Samadhi / Pangea Productions / Skew Records / Heterodox Records
  • Ju^2 (Atlanta, GA) iOpener / Pangea Productions
  • Klaws (Greenville, SC) Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records / Rethink Techno
  • Kameleon (Greenville, SC) Pangea Productions / Pure Perception / Public Beta / Pantea Clothing
  • DRaigosa (Greenville, SC) Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records / Rethink Techno