Brandon Adams (Accelerator NYC, Free Radical Records)

Established in America as one of its premier homegrown international-caliber DJs, Brandon displays a unique ability for versatility while managing to transcend musical subdivisions through a consistent signature sound. Bass driven melodies, cohesive groove, sparse psychedelic leads, spacey atmospheres, and carefully placed, crisp percussion interspersed with brain bending effects are the key elements to that sound. Smooth, precise, and patient mixing provide the necessary flow for an unrelenting journey with maximum trance floor impact. As an organizer with NYC-based SYNC and Dreamcatcher, music lover, and dedicated DJ, Brandon has helped drive the evolution of East Coast psytrance for several years. As the US label DJ and representative for international labels Bom Shanka Music, Free Radical Records, and Cryptic Symmetry Records – he links the US to global psytrance hotbeds of South Africa and the UK.

Soundcloud Accelerator NYC