About our Tribe:

Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records was created in the southeastern US, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains; with the goal of throwing magical events, and releasing high quality, innovative, and above all highly danceable progressive and psychedelic music to the world. Providing sounds for the night and day, styles ranging from minimal, techno, progressive, progressive psy, and psychedelic trance. Pure Perception Records is about diversity helping to show that each sound has a place on the dancefloor and that all sounds should be explored in order to give a proper psychedelic transcendental experience.

Our main event we do each year Welcome to Pangea has become one of the finer intimate psychedelics gathering in the region showcasing the amazing talent and beautiful tribe we have here. The event takes place in May every year.

Welcome to Pangea Pt. 7 Return to Gaia Timelapse from Fractal Tribe on Vimeo.

Welcome to Pangea Reviews

“This Pangea by far was the most loving, beautiful and inspiring. There was so much positive energy especially on the dance floor. Walking around and seeing everyone smiling and even meditating near the stage was a beautiful site.

My heart and the core self feels so honored to have been with you all to share what’s important to us. I literally was in amazement watching what was happening as we were rising into higher consciences.

I was able to let go and let the confluence of knowledge, understanding practice and dance make my life feel more complete.

As our consciousness opens the whole system gets physically, mentally and spiritually elevated”

‘so much love, energy and beauty in one magical weekend, Im blown away how amazing this gathering is…beyond any words….”

“Much love and gratitude to Kameleon Pangea, Klaws Pangea and the entire Pangea crew for another successful edition of this now-legendary festival! Thank you guys for having me down – and to everyone who made me feel right at home This reminded me of a proper festival up North, minus some of the constraints, and more musical diversity on the lighter side. I truly enjoyed everything I heard, but the atmospheric DnB Saturday late-morning was an unexpected treat Soon I’ll put up a recording similar to what I played saturday night/sunday morning. I had loads of fun with you guys, and hope our collective paths cross again soon”

“I still hear the music ringing~booming in the distance and from beneath me (especially in silence) I can still feel the essence… Still hear that river flowing around me… I can still see all of your faces each time I just blink:) …. I Still smell that mountain air…
Just as my first Pangea experience from last year~ I am overwhelmed with Gratitude and Love for all you beautiful people… To all that made this possible and provided the opportunity for us to share our souls and whatever medicine we can deliver with one another ~whether through the music… Through the beautiful dancing~ the touch~ the creations~ the Arts~ or through even the slightest yet kindest gestures~ if not just simply by the purest of INTENTS ~ released out there that Unifies us ALL… Thank you SO SO MUCH I still FEEL IT as it lingers and inspires me just that much more to DO more… To keep reaching~ to keep creating and to keep believing ~ that creating/taking part of events such as this to where COMMUNITY is incredibly APPARENT ~ has most essential power ~ the most effect… and potential for great things.
~~~* We’re ALL onto SOMETHING here

Found my first stone :)) in the River I was hoping that happened soon I got SO HAPPY! Thank you gorgeous Nature I promise to nurture it and eventually gift it to another as you have

I’m so happy I got to share space with those incredible friends/Loved ones and meet more incredible souls to share passions and stories with… I LEARN from you all continuously No matter what the *Expression*
To those I had little time with, know you are just as much in my Heart and I Love you SO much… It was a pleasure to dance beside you and to share the experience within such a tranquil location…

To all who have gifted me~ traded me treasures ~ and to the ones that bought Art from me THANK YOU… Every fragment is HEARTFELT and is cherished forever

Until next time and oh yeah~~~


“I saw so much family there this past weekend.Shared so much love on the dance floor! Welcome 7 was amazing!! I look forward to next year!”

“Oh my oh my. What a great party! Thanks to all my camping mates and traveling crew for our many manifestations, all re-connections and new connections with the fantastic east coast and southern Psyfamily, Mark Dill for cooking the best food and brewing the best beer, misty forest encounters with elves and fireflies, amazing and clensing thunder storms and rain, river rock stacking and skipping meditations, fantastic sound crew for bringing the boom, venders with all their food and wares, wearing shorts, t-shirt and crocs all weekend, all the djs and live acts who played, all of the people on the dancefloor and beyond going nuts on Saturday night”

“Great show. So many lovely individuals — never enough time to meet them all. Just going to point out how many badass fashionable people there were too. SO MUCH SWEG. !! Much love & psytrance foreva”

“Thank You Every One for the Event. It was OSOM. ,) so many interesting people in one beautiful green place with clean air and water and the music in such a colourful variety. Hugs. Thank You Pangea Family!”

“Holy shit, my mind was absolutely blown this weekend!! The air was pretty much dripping with peace love, unity, respect, and responsibility- on a much deeper level than any festival I’ve ever been to. The music was amazing and brought out so much good energy. Plus the environment was so gorgeous and serene, I loved meeting all of you wonderful and beautiful souls, and I had a fucking blast dancing and playing in the forest!!”

“i waited for what seemed to be endless ages for this past weekend. all the bullshit, drama, pain, stress and even good things can’t be expressed or relieved in such a way like it can be with the tribe. these moments over the weekend seemed so slow and as if crawling yet fleeting at the same time. these experiences help shape drive and push me in ways i’ve needed but didn’t even fully know.

Kameleon Pangea words will never fully express the gratitude that i have for what you and everyone that helps you achieves. i know i don’t only speak for myself when i say this but these moments and weekends you manage to create are utterly amazing.

we are all lucky to share such amazing experiences together and it is absolutely beautiful nothing but love and respect for out beautiful tribe”

“Thank you so much Pangea and to all those who made this festival possible. We brought our kids and we all felt such warmth, love, peace, and serenity. Beautiful open hearted people all of you. Many blessings from the Indian family boombolenath xxxxx”

“I also thank all the people who made this Pangea such a great event! Everything from deco to artists was joined to make a harmonious and life fulfilling event. It was so awesome to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. The entire weekend was one of love and peace the likes which you don’t find often in the world. I hope to dream up new things to share with my family and I’ll miss you all until next year!!”