Fresh Podcast from Klaws available!

Enjoy newest “Technological” podcast from Klaws, featured on DI.FM – a deep, dub-laced and driving journey through today’s underground techno sounds!

New Morning Full On sounds from Sonance now available!

Pure Perception Records debuts the first EP from Sonance, “The Great Beyond”.

Sonance is the new artist release from Kri, DJ veteran and half of the neo goa-psy trance project Annunaki. In his debut release, Sonance sets the tone with melodic technical psytrance. Driving beats rush forward underneath a layer of floating synths that energize the mind and prepare it for a new experience.

“Until the Dawn”is a deep excursion into the abyss before the Sun shines down. Atmospheres of euphoric bliss blend into the surroundings, and epic builds break upon the horizon as a new day awakens. “Till I Await” is a psychedelic squeeze that condenses the energy of life and builds a new frontier of thought. Echoes of voices manifest on the horizon while star light drips from the sky. Rounding out the release with the Great Beyond a track that moves through the ethereal, a cascading kaleidoscope of sound. Uplifting and emotional, each track harmonizing with its own resonance.

Melodic tech house sounds from Solead w/ Excizen remix now available!

Pure Perception Records is proud to present ‘Permutation’ from Solead out of Paris, France. A deep groovy tropical tech house gem full of color and top notch sound design. With melodies that conjur memories of the classic house days combined with modern production techniques, ‘Permutation’ shows the world that the Parisian duo are continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music. Excizen out of Serbia has once again created a chunky melodic techno remix, disecting the original and creating his own unique version with lots of energy and interesting tripped out effects. These timeless grooves are gaurunteed to bring smiles to the dancefloors across the globe. Sonically perfected by Preference Mastering.

New deep techno sounds available!

Jeremy and Johan (Prime Time) have been very busy lately with releases on BUS Records, BEEF Records, Kumquat Tunes, and Oxias infamous GoodLife, as well as Traum.

With ‘King Klong’ the guys have put together a sound structure like no other. Thick panoramic sounds on top of a deep warm bass, solid kick, and enough atmosphere to keep your mind and imagination in another world throughout the whole track. ‘King Klong’ will for sure to turn heads in the darker realms of the minimal and techno scene.

1 more week for Earlybird tickets @ $55!

Hello Friends,

We wanted to remind everyone theres only one more week to take advantage of early bird tickets at $55.

  • January – March – $55
  • April – $65
  • May – $70
  • Day of the Event – $75

  • Welcome to Pangea pt. 7

    Tribal Selections pt. 1 now available! Deep progressive tribal sounds

    Kri – Fix (Fresh Neo Goa sounds now available!)

    Welcome to Pangea pt. 7 Flyer


    Tier 2 of 3 announced for Pangea 7!

    Tier 2 of 3 has been announced:)
    Random (, Brandon Adams (Bom Shanka Music, Free Radical Records), Sanguine Mandragoa (Shoom & Bloodwing), Tonian, Sirius Colors, and In Plain Site… More to come soon.

    Facebook Page:

    Mungli – Compost now available! Deep tribal Dub

    Mungli travels between tribal calls of nature and melodic dub bass, weaving together a compelling story of psychedelic chill. With morphing vocal samples that echo out of some mysterious sound system lost in the jungle, Compost EP is not your usual trip into bass.

    “I Like the Breeze” and “Entropy” start off the album and bring with it Mungli’s signature sound: deep and brooding tribal dub. “Carbon” carries us further into this realm, an epic track accompanied by ethereal synths and a steady dub 4 on the floor. “Embryo” brings the album to a close in a fashion it began, howling voices, animals speaking, and ritual chanting. But before the dawn breaks on this excursion into tribal dub, warm pads and soft synths release the mind and let your senses relax into the surrounding oneness of nature.
    - Frank Mandarino (